Julia Greiner

Julia Greiner (1986) is a silent creator who likes to take a step back, then dive deep into her subject matter. She finds inspiration in foreign environments, away from her day-to-day routines and established behaviour and thought patterns, in places where she has a clear view of what surrounds her: life. After completing her fashion design studies at the prestigious ESMOD Berlin International University of Art for Fashion, Julia Greiner gave her creativity free rein, blurring the boundaries between fashion, art, home and crafts. In her work as a fashion designer, she tackled production techniques, pattern design and fabric printing, as well as fashion history, theory of colours and materials, and illustrations, allowing these newly gained insights to merge with her hands-on experience as a seamstress. This process enriched her development in the field of fashion and design, and ultimately led to the label “Julia Greiner”.


The label presents fashion of the highest quality, unmistakeable through its clearly defined lines and shapes. The importance of nature in all its indescribable beauty and diversity can be seen in Julia’s inspiration, as well as her choice of materials.


The power of her minimalist designs is hidden in the tiniest details. Stitching is subtly turned into contouring, darts in the material are incorporated into the function and made to disappear, and pockets are integrated into the overall design. With great commitment and passion, Julia Greiner dedicates herself to the challenges of each collection. She carefully selects high quality fabrics, which are sourced in Switzerland. Printed silks, sophisticated glossy jersey fabrics, and elaborately embroidered fabric mixes are hand-made into expressive items of clothing. Julia Greiner stands for a light, feminine style that seems to play around the female figure and gives the wearer a sense of freedom.

Text by Danijel Dedic

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Bild von Daniel Zihlmann



To begin with, everyone heads out into the big wide world. Your homeland seems too small, too provincial. Its development seems too rigid; you worry you will stagnate. So it’s off to pastures new, especially for budding fashion designers. And then suddenly you remember where you came from, and realise that it may hold the key to happiness. The first label, ACLA, came into being.


During their fashion design studies, the first thing Julia Greiner and Reto Crameri did was to spend 3 years abroad. Then they moved back to Switzerland, where they founded their joint label ACLA in 2012. In the place they grew up, they know the mentality, the country and the lifestyle inside out. But upon their return, they suddenly saw their homeland from a new angle. This experience is the guiding principle behind their collections. In the ACLA label, the desire for novelty and the return to tradition and hand-crafted items appear in entirely new facets. Fairly modern, urban, clear, and mixed with a very subtle and abstract hint of Swiss traditional dress. How could you redefine this look today? How would these traditional dresses look today if they were worn by modern urban women? The collections from ACLA provide answers to these questions.


Their photo shoots always have something magical about them; the models look almost enraptured, lost in another world. Julia and Reto create this entirely new plane by giving traditional, artisanal elements a fairly modern interpretation. For example, lace is hand-woven into collections in a new, modern way, combined with sporty jersey fabrics, fine knits or quality batiste. Garment cuts, folds, knits, lace and quilting hint at their origins, but never spell it out directly.